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Antalia Pharma was established in early 2015, in the middle of the most severe financial crisis that hit Greece for a generation. In spite of the disruptive political and business environment, a team of professional people who believed in doing things differently set out with the objective of creating a collaborative platform that could generate long-standing value for its partners. Soon after, the first office of Antalia opened in Athens followed by affiliates and associate offices in various parts of the world.

Since its inception, Antalia Pharma has put in place an open and interactive organization that encompasses its customers and suppliers, with the aim to serve its fast-growing OTC market. It develops strategic partnerships with major distributors in several territories for faster and risk-assessed market penetration of its brands.

  • In the first year of its creation, it managed to develop and establish its first 2 brands, Arena and Tempufen.
  • One year later, Antalia Pharma set up its first two, fully operational commercial subsidiaries in Turkey and Canada and plans to establish more in the near future.
  • On its 4rd anniversary, Antalia Pharma in-licensed, developed, manufactured and introduced into European markets the first world-patented and clinically backed nutritional supplement for Cardio patients and other heart and cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, its pipeline includes the first well-documented food supplement for Down Syndrome patients, produced through a unique and pioneering manufacturing process.

    Our Practice & Core Values

    Antalia Pharma – is a unique pharmaceutical company holding a leading position in the areas of innovation and specialization in the nutritional industry. Having more than 5 years of professional development in the field, in 2015 we established Antalia Pharma located in one of the most central points of the Kifissia’s biggest business boulevard in Athens.
    Due to our long-term  experience and numerous collaborations with not only Greek clinics, pharmacies and distribution networks but also with many clients abroad, Antalia Pharma has became  widely known for his innovating formulas and expertise.
    Antalia Pharma represent the best lifestyle options specializing  in nutrition and food supplements,  at a competitive price.


    Our Team

    With a professional team of more than 15 certified, experienced, dedicated, specialized and skilled personnel , Antalia Pharma has the ability to provide high quality products and services at a competitive price.

    Having made investments with our strategic collaborations and facilities, Antalia Pharma has  organized a fully vertically integrated production that gives competitive advantage in features of reliability, simplification, perfection and effectiveness

    Finally, working with all certified supplies worldwide, Antalia Pharma guarantees the best qualitative, integrated and personalized service for both yourself  and the  end-consumers  experience.


    Latest Techniques

    Antalia Pharma is a visionary 21rst century pharmaceutical in Greece, Athens. Since 2013, we have excelled at creating the most satisfying results for our customers. Specializing in herbal medicine and food supplements.

    Innovative Technology

    Antalia Pharma collaborates with  GPM contract manufacturers, fully equipped with top of the line cosmetic and food supplement  systems, including medial devices, using only the latest technology.

    Certified Experts

    Antalia Pharma’s product have EU FSCs 
    and FDA approvals for Canada, USA and AUSTRALIA.


     High quality & all natural,, sport and lifestyle supplements

    We provide a range of products such as film coated tablets, capsules  and syrup creation  services for distributors around Europe (outsourcing and private label). 

    Our skilled team use state of the art technology and technical expertise to create products that  are natural and fit perfectly with your daily needs. Contact us today.


    Adult Care


    Child Care


    Medical Devices

    24/7 Pharmaceutical

    At our office you’ll always find friendly, professional staff that willdo their best their best to ensure that our services makes both sides; distributors and end-clients  happy!



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    Your Health Matters

    Natural Food Supplements for The Whole Family

    We understand modern people live busy lives. We can help fix and enhance your daily level by providing innovative and highly effective food supplements, as well as other OTC products  to give you the  health you deserve. Antalia Pharma represents the best lifestyle options in nutrition and food supplements,  at a competitive price.


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