2πλή Συσκευασία TEMPUFEN 50ml

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Απολαύστε ένα χαλαρωτικό μείγμα βοτάνων και φυσικών συστατικών

Χαλαρώστε, διώξτε το στρες, γαληνέψτε. Το Tempufen ανακουφίζει από την ένταση,το στρές, την κούραση,την κατάθλιψη,την περιστασιακή αϋπνία και σας βοηθά να βρείτε ευκολότερα την εσωτερική σας ηρεμία. Το Tempufen με αμινοξέα, Βιταμίνες Bcomplex και καταπραϋντικά αρώματα  βατόμουρου , αποκαθιστά την ισορροπία του οργανισμού και σας βοηθά να χαλαρώσετε.

Υγρή Φόρμουλα Άμεσης Δράσης, 20 λεπτά
Πατενταρισμένο Προϊόν

Το Tempufen ανακουφίζει από συμπτώματα  αϋπνίας, στρες, κούρασης και διαταραχής ύπνου, σε μόλις 20 λεπτά.
Επίσης βοηθάει στην ενίσχυση ανοσοποιητικού

  • Φυσικό Προϊόν / Ομοιοπαθητικό
  • Η φόρμουλα δεν προκαλεί εξάρτηση
  • Ασφαλές και αποτελεσματικό
  • Χωρίς πρωινό βάρος, μέθη, πονοκέφαλο
  • Κατάλληλο και για διαβητικούς


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Tempufen is the best addition to a healthy lifestyle. Whether you drink it with hot or cold drinks or use it in daytime or night, the benefits are endless. Tempufen strengthens the immune system and eases the symptoms of occasional stress, depression, sleeplessness and anxiety.


      • Its antioxidants will make your skin look flawless and young.
      • The high concentration of flavonoids in the ingredients naturally detoxify your body.
      • APBA amino-acids increase mental alertness and its caffeine will help you kickstart your day happy, productive and full of energy.
      • Tempufen, is a 100% natural supplement and holds USDA and EU certifications.

5 reasons to drink Tempufen?

 Boost Your Immune System 
Matcha is rich in Vitamin C, B, and Minerals that will enhance the overall response of your immune system. Its high antioxidant content, including catechin and polyphenols, help your body’s production of T-Cells that will fight harmful pathogens.
 Boost Your Energy
Matcha contains more caffeine than any other tea. Matcha tea will give you a longer lasting energy boost while improving your physical and mental wellbeing. Unlike coffee, matcha contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that will make your body full of energy and ease any tension.
  Improved Focus and Mood
Matcha leaves contain both L-Theanine and caffeine. It has been scientifically proven that together these enhance cognitive skills, giving you a higher attention span and better alertness.
On top of that, matcha will elevate your levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps send messages between the brain and the nervous system. Greatly improving your focus and cognitive abilities.
 Cleansed and Detoxified
Matcha leaves are known for having a high concentration of chlorophyll that will help you naturally detoxify your body. Chlorophyll will increase your blood’s capacity to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Leaving your body cleansed on a molecular level. 
Faster Metabolism
According to studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, matcha has thermogenic properties. It will increase your metabolism and boosts fat burning by 25% during exercise.
Get ready to have a Good Day!


  • Natural Relief/Homeopathic
  • Non-Habit Forming
  • Safe, Gentle and Effective
  • No Morning Grogginess

Suggested Use

Adults: As a relaxant: swallow 2.5ml(half tea spoon) with water as needed up to two times daily.
For occasional sleeplessness: 5ml, 30 minutes before retiring.
Children 8 years+: As a relaxant: swallow 1.5ml (1/2 tea spoon ) with water as needed once a day preferably after meal
For occasional sleeplessness: 2.5ml, 30 minutes before retiring.


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